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Zuni fetish corn maidens
Corn maidens
Zuni Sealife Fetishes
Fish/Sea Creatures
Wilfrid Cheama Buffalo
Zuni bird fetishes
Zuni fetish bears

Zuni fetish frogs

Zuni fetish six directions
Six Directions

Zuni fetish cats
Mountain lions

Zuni fetish wolves

Zuni fetish horses

zuni fetish turtles

Two ways to find the Zuni fetish carving you are looking for:

1) You can search the entire site by using the Google search link below. Simply type into the search window a word or phrase associated with the Zuni fetish creature or carver you are looking for


2) Click on one of the carver links or creature links to the left.

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Susanne and William Waites
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in tribal arts for 31 years.

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What our customers
say about us:

"Turtle received today in perfect condition. He is simply precious. I love him."

"The Halate bear arrives yesterday.  It is simply beautiful - - exactly as pictured on your web site.  The packaging was perfect, as the item arrived safely.  The customer service rates a ten out of ten.  It is quick, professional, and really goes beyond what would be required to satisfy a customer.  It was a great pleasure to do business with you from start to finish.  The web site is wonderful - - it very clearly shows the wonderful items in your inventory and is extremely easy to navigate.  Your customer service is not only very professional but also quite personal.  Thank you very much. "

"I picked up (the) raven today and I'm well pleased. It's a great piece and I appreciate your service."

"Thank you, as always, for your wonderful carvings. It's such a pleasure to do business with you!"

"I just wanted to let you know I received my 4 carvings and they are beautiful - exactly what I was hoping for! They will make very special Christmas gifts for 4 people who are very special to me."

"The Gasper frog arrived today. I guess I could go on about all it's attributes but I am really lost for words. There definitely was a reason why the first one I ordered was not available because this one was meant to be here."

"Thank you so much for the personalized attention to this order. I look forward to working with you again."

" The critters were waiting for me when I arrived back home ... I absolutely love the size and shape of each of them -- they are indeed beautiful carvings all around that rank as favorites within my collection! Thanks Susanne!"

"The fetish arrived and it’s beautiful! The spiritual energy that is coming from this carving is amazing. It’s perfect! I’m so glad I found your web site. My husband is going to love this. Thank you so much!"

"I love my buffaloes :) They arrived on Friday and are looking every bit majestic and beautiful. Thank you very much!

"The carving arrived today in perfect condition!

It does look exactly like the photo on your web side, however holding it and seeing it in reality and knowing - this is mine now - is quite a wonderful experience. This carving is such an outstanding masterpiece and I was very touched when I was holding it in my hands. Thanks a lot for your prompt delivery and I can surely recommend your address to others, who are sharing the same passion for this kind of art!"

"Got them quick! I love them, they're awesome!!
Thank you very much :)"


"I received my bear and wolf today and they are absolutely beautiful! My fiance and I wanted to thank you for all your help! I jumped for joy when I saw the box because I had been looking for them
for such a long time :)"

"I have received all beautiful carvings with perfect packaging. Thanks."

"Thank you so much for the Quandelacy bear. It is gorgeous and makes a nice pocket fetish. I have four others by her. I am interested in a turquiose one if you come across it. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!"
P.S. Thanks for the quick delivery!

"That wonderful apple coral eagle arrived today. He is amazing! And along with him was that fine Eddington Hannaweeke bear, the Carol Martinez horse and that great pig. You got them here the day before Christmas, which is amazing. You were a good person to go down to the post office at such a busy time, and I wanted to take the time to say Thank you! They are all beautiful."

"First, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the raven I just received from you. He is fabulous! I live in an area of old oak trees where a flock of ravens come each morning to forage for their breakfast. I have always admired how very intelligent and social they are. Now Salvador's raven watches over me as I work and provides me inspiration."

"Saturday afternoon and we just received "the lizard". He sure is a beauty and what fantastic service. Thank you much."

"I would like to thank you for the Jayne Quam Zuni rabbit I recently mail-ordered from you. The quality is superb, even better (as I've found before with Zuni carvings) than in the photo on your site. If you get a chance, please thank Ms. Quam for me.

"I will probably be back to adopt a little bear or two in the future. I think your prices are very reasonable for the quality of the work, and your shipping is very fair. In the meantime, the little bunny is enjoying a vegetarian home and new animal friends." - yours sincerely,

"I recieved my fetish carvings yesterday and I they are so beautiful. I fell honored to have them because I know how special they are! Thank you for making them available to make their way to me! Kind regards"

"I am very happy with the carving. The color of the turquoise is even more beautiful than in the photo. I like the simplicity and strength of the carved mountain lion. Thank you very much."

"She (Editor: the carving) is absolutely gorgeous and the immediate centerpiece of my maiden collection! Thank you"

"The bear has arrived after a long journey. I find it very beautifull! Thank you for the pleasant and good process."

"Thank you Susanne and William. I don't know a lot about directional sets but believe I picked the one for good health I hope. My daughter lost everything and is on disability now and shes been so excited about my Zuni collection. Thank you so much for helping me with this. Its been a real blessing and please tell Lena Boone how much we appreciate and love the set... Thanks"

"Hi Susanne,
Just to let you know that these all arrived safely.
And they are fantastic!! I love all of them - they've gone straight to the top of my favourite fetishes list! They are even better than I expected. Thanks very much!"

Links to carvings according to creature

If you do not find the carving you are looking for by category, check the artist pages linked below


Bears One
| Bears Two

Bears Three | Bears Four

Bears Five | Bears Six

Birds One
| Birds Two

Birds Three | Birds Four

Birds Five | Birds Six Eagles

Buffalos, Elks & Rams

Buffalos, Elks & Rams Two

Bunnies & Beavers

Corn maidens & Figures One

Corn Maidens & Figures Two

Corn Maidens & Figures Three

Fish/Sea Creatures

Frogs | Frogs Two

| Horses Two

Horses Three


Moles & Mice

Mountain Lions/Cats

Mountain Lions/Cats Two

Otters and 'Ends'

Six Direction Sets



Wolves/Foxes/Coyotes Two

Wolves/Foxes/Coyotes Three

Vintage and Old Fetishes

Fetish Bowls

Links to carvings
according to artist

For Emery Boone

For Lena Boone

For Delbert ChargingCrow

For Daniel Chattin

For Kenny Chavez

For Dee Edaakie

For Emery Eriacho

For Gasper family

Debra Gasper necklaces

For Kaamassee

For Hayes Leekya

For Gilbert Lonjose

For Abby Quam

For Jayne Quam

For Lynn Quam

For Quandelacy f

For Salvador Romero

For Wilson Romero

For Lionel Sanchez

For Melvin Sandoval

For Sammy Smith

For Livingston/Navajos





Zuni animal fetishes are some of Zuni's most imaginative arts
Each Zuni fetish carving
is based on an artist's perception of the animal in the stone, based on ancient Zuni beliefs of the origin of the Zuni people.

All purchases, which are authentic fetish carvings by Zuni or other Native American artists, may be returned for refund within 10 days of receipt


Buy Zuni fetishes with the confidence of our satisfaction guarantee
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