Troy Sice
Zuni fetish carving nativity - antler- 5" highest
RJ01 - US$1700

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Troy Sice Zuni nativity set
Todd Westika shell maiden
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Our friend, Harold Finkelstein, has written that each Troy Sice antler nativity (or naciamiento) takes 36 to 48 hours for him to create. This takes place
over a 3- or 4-day period. He describes the work as tedious and intense,
which is obvious from the detail and polish they present. Troy carves in antler, requiring the outer layers to be stripped from the material and color-matching the remaining material. According to Finkelstein, Troy began carving
fetishes in 1994. His mastery of the art at a mere 33 years, continues a tradition started by George Chee Chee, and extended by Miguel and Ramie Haloo, Colvin Peina and Claudia Peina