Dee Edaakie is one of Zuni Pueblo's most respected young carvers.

Dee Edaakie works from a studio recently added to his home on the Zuni Pueblo, and occasionally at his dining room table. He carves with care and enthusiasm. We have sat in his house, at the dining table and watched him finish off pieces while he talked about two of his other loves: his daughters and softball.

While he has carved traditional gemstones and other commercial material, lately he has gravitated to “found” stone also. His subjects tend toward te abstract but always with allegiance to animal within the stone. 

Dee calls the renowned Gibbs Othole his Uncle Gibbs. You can see the influence of Gibbs Othole's style in Dee Edaakie's creations. Gibbs also has mentored other legendary Zuni carvers, including the late Jeff Tsalabutie, Jeff's son Loren Tsalabutie, Brion Hattie and Alonzo Esalio. This is a very tight extended family who keep the tradiiton of Zuni carving alive at its highest level.

We are great fans of Dee with unqualified respect for his work, his sense of humor, his dedication to family and his perpetuation of Zuni tradition. We have several of his carvings available on our ZuniLink website, including two breath-taking boulder opal eagles. If you order one of these beauties, we are pledged to contribute a portion of the purchase price to the Zuni Eagle Sanctuary.

We regularly acquire new fetish carvings by Dee Edaakie. If you see something you would like to purchase, please contact us immediately

Dee Edaakie Zuni Bears

Dee Edaakie Zuni Birds | Eagles

Dee Edaakie Zuni Buffalos

Dee Edaakie Zuni Foxes

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Dee Edaakie Zuni Turtles

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