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MW22 Navajo wire earrings with drops with channel work inlay of Sunnyside turquoise


Navajo earrings, wires, sterling silver with inlay channel work of Sunnyside turquoise and opal in drop circles. By Mike A. B.1 1/4" long, including wire drop.  

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Additional Info

The Sunnyside turquoise mine
is located in northern Nevada
near Tuscarora in the mountains
of the same name.The mine no
longer produces turquoise.
Sunnyside was mined primarily
in the 1970's. The mine is now
devoted to more precious
minerals as part of a gold mine.
Although, with the rarity and
price of good turquoise becoming
an issue, we may soon see fresh
Sunnyside in the market. Until
you won't find much
available except as released
from old holdings.