RW37 Zuni Brian Yatsattie calsilica owl fetish


The vibrant colors of man-made calsilica (see additional information) are used to maximum effect in this Zuni owl fetish by Brian Yatsattie. RW37  1.5" x .75" x .75"

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Additional Info

It has now been established that calsilica, like Fordite, is a man-made material, resembling natural stone only in its accumulation of paint or slag, which hardens over time until it is firm enough to be carved. Gemologists believe it found its way from Mexican tile factories into rock seams where it stayed for eons, acquiring characteristics of natural stone.

Fordite, on the other hand is the aggregated over-spray of vibrant auto paint, which collects on the tracks that move vehicles along the assembly line and into ovens, where the intense heat bakes stratified layers into a hardened mass.

Both materials carve like stone and present extraordinarily vibrant colors. Like, lab opal, its value is in how the artist uses it, in our opinion. It is important that a purchaser know it is not the equivalent of natural stones such as turquoise or lapis. If you buy with that in mind, you  should be very happy with it.