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MF56 Zuni needlepoint turquoise clip earrings on oval silver bases


Zuni artisans are superb at cutting and applying turquoise in many sizes. This technique is called needlepoint. When set on silver in an oval form it is quite stunning. When done on "clip" bases, it is rare.  #MF56  3/4" long

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What may have started out at Zuni Pueblo as a way to get the most
out of remnant turquoise that was too small to be used in a major piece
of Zuni jewelry, eventually, in the 1920s-1930s became a popular style for
shaping and clustering turquoise into bracelets, pendants and earrings such
as these. They are not vintage in that they were created more recently, 
but they present a classic image of Zuni lapidary excellence. It's rare
to find the technique on clip earrings