RV61FR-Colin-Weeka-Zuni-2 beavers-pipestone-carving.JPG

RV61 Colin Weeka Zuni dolomite beavers


A very active pair of working beavers by Zuni Colin Weeka are busy with branch coral. They sit on an outcropping of dolomite
#RV61 -2.75"H x 1.75"W x 2"D

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RV61FR-Colin-Weeka-Zuni-2 beavers-pipestone-carving.JPG
RV61L-Colin-Weeka-Zuni-2 beavers-pipestone-carving.JPG
RV61R-Colin-Weeka-Zuni-2 beavers-pipestone-carving.JPG
RV61V-Colin-Weeka-Zuni-2 beavers-pipestone-carving.JPG

Additional Info

Here's a 360 degree look at Colin Weeka's Zuni beaver fetish, featuring two beavers "munching" on branches of coral. At $365, very affordable for such creativity.