How many times have you seen a carving or jewelry item that you absolutely "had to have" but couldn't quite swing it with your cash flow at the time?

Here's a solution.

The ZuniLink Fetish and Jewelry Collector's Club lets you to acquire the carvings you want by making a small down payment and scheduling regular monthly charges.
These can be scheduled for a certain card on a certain date each month, or you can email us each month with your instructions for that payment.

We will notify you via email each time we run the charge and will let you know when all the agreed payments have been completed. At that time, we will ship the carving(s) to the address you specify.

For example, suppose you see a $200 fetish carving on Zuni Link and want to purchase it using the Collector's Club. Simply call us toll-free with your credit card information* and we will run an initial charge of 20% or $40. 

Thereafter, each month, on the date you specify, we will run a charge of 10% of the total purchase price. In this case, that would be a charge of $20 each month for seven months. In the final month, we will run the final 10% charge plus the shipping charge. There will be no additional charges or fees for this service.

* Your credit card information and any other personal information you give us WILL NOT BE SHARED with any other party. It will remain in our records only and will not be accessible by anyone else.

These are sample terms and may be adjusted as you require based on the value of your purchase and-or the amount you want to have charged each month. 

So, if you see a ZuniLink fetish carving that you want but you don't want to lay out all the cash at one time, call Susanne or William at 800-305-0185. We will take care of the details for you.

Thank you for your business.