corn maidens

SW71 Zuni Derrick Kaamassee corn maiden


This antler carving of a corn maiden was carved by Derrick Kaamassee, Zuni. A smaller maiden is carved on the reverse. Please note a natural crack in the material that preceded the carving and was used as part of the portrayal.
3" x 1"  SW71 - $220

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Each Zuni carver has his or her own individual style and preference for material. Derrick Kaamassee carves antler almost exclusively and with a great deal of detail. His work, such as this intricate Zuni corn maiden, is remarkable. Considering the time, talent, risk of breakage when carved and the commitment near perfection, this Derrick Kaamassee corn maiden is great bargain, especially when it can be purchased through our ZuniLink Collector's Club deferred payment plan.