H543 Zuni Frog Fetish AC


Who is A.C.? We're not certain. But those are the initials on this angular frog. It's carved in Dolomite with inlayed turquoise eyes. Don't you love the way that the natural color of the stone helps define the shape?   1 1/2" X 1"  H543 - $110

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Additional Info

Occasionally, we encounter a Zuni fetish carving
by a carver whose identity we can't verify. If it
captures our imagination we acquire it anyway.

After all, the quality of the Zuni carving is more
important than name of the artist. Plus, in Zuni,
frogs are believed to be a sign of rain. Who cares
which frog is responsible? 

In any case, we personally certify its tribal origin.
We believe you will agree when you judge this
Zuni dolomite frog signed by A.C. (If you think
you know who the carver is, please let us know.)